UBOTIC's air cavity packages meet the high-performance technical requirements of electronic component packaging. Utilizing the high performance Liquid Crystal Polymer material technology, UBOTIC's air cavity packages are able to withstand harsh environments, intense shock and vibration, extreme temperatures and severe humidity, while delivering high reliability and dimensional stability at significantly reduced costs.



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Although it is a relatively new technology, the MEMS (micro-electromechanical systems) market for actuators, accelerometers, gyroscopes, pressure sensors, and microphones has become a substantial force in the semiconductor industry. Other MEMS products also show promise.

The manufacturing processes of integrated circuits (ICs) are the model used for the manufacture of MEMS devices. Not only are MEMS being created on wafers, but they are being combined in most cases with ICs within variations of standard IC packages. As such, MEMS package assembly has become a topic of great interest to the overall semiconductor packaging industry.

There are basically four areas of MEMS manufacturing challenges, environment, materials, process, and cost. These requirements are pretty much well understood but challenging when every new product is developed.

UBOTIC understands these demands, thus focusing on new process technologies and material developments to drive the correct packaging solution that the MEMS customer seeks.