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UBOTIC's air cavity packages meet the high-performance technical requirements of electronic component packaging. Utilizing the high performance Liquid Crystal Polymer material technology, UBOTIC's air cavity packages are able to withstand harsh environments, intense shock and vibration, extreme temperatures and severe humidity, while delivering high reliability and dimensional stability at significantly reduced costs. Offering the following open tool packages and Lids:

•Open tooled QFN, DFN, LGA Cavity Packages
•Open tooled Air Cavity QFN and coming soon SOIC. Available in both singulated or in strip form. Molding in both Epoxy Mold Compound (EMC) and Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP) materials
•Open tool lids available in EMC, LCP and Metal.


Products -- Offering

Pre-molded Cavity QFN, SOIC, Laminate LGA, Microphone package

AQFN Open-Tool List (unit in mm)



Products Development

The semiconductor industry will always continue to drive end-products towards lower power, increased functionality, smaller, thinner, and lighter form factors. The packaging technology is the enabler to make this happen. Going forward, the demand for new products will continue to drive device and package innovation to new levels and needs.

UBOTIC focuses on package design, materials development, and new process technologies to drive MEMS packaging to new heights.  For example, our cavity package uses the industry thinnest cavity walls, low profile package thicknesses, and reliable lid sealing designs to meet most or all ceramic packaging replacements, focusing on the industrial and automotive packaging needs.