Ubotic -- Products


Specialize In low cost Packaging, Materials & Product Transfers

  • Providing both Custom and Open tooled packaging for MEMS & Specialty Semi Fabless and IDM’s.
  • Provide molded Air Cavity Packages, LGA Cavity, Over-molded packages, & MEMS SIP and custom packaging
  • Support Clients Transfers Into OSAT Providers with custom packaging

Flexible MEMS Services To Our Clients

  • Design
  • Modeling
  • Engineering Services & prototyping to production services
  • Quick-Turn Proto-typing & builds

Speed To Product Delivery

  • Fast Design Verification
  • Fast Penetration Of Product To Market

Design Service

UBOTIC provides the world class design services to support customer from package selection to custom IC package design.

  • Fast and first-pass designs through utilization of state-of-the-art design software.
  • Co-Design with customer inputs for electrically sensitive packages, Thermal and Mechanical analysis with results used to reduce time-to-market and errors.


IC Package Design


  • 3D package structure design, simulation and CAM integration


  • 2D CAD software for drafting, bond diagram and documentation.

Sigrity UPD

  • Multi-layer Substrate Design software from net-list capture, Wire Bond layout, DRC to Gerber data extraction.

General Design Rules

Material LCP & PPS
Packing Type SSOP, SOIC, QFN
Lid Sealing Epoxy & Swaging
Mold Body
Wall Thickness min. 0.15mm, subject to profile and material
Draft Angle min. 1.5 deg.
Outline Tolerance - length, width, height +/- 0.1 mm
Internal Plastic Feature Tolerance 0.05 mm
LF Strip
LF Width up to 70 mm
LF Length Up to 250 mm
Warpage max. 0.1mm subject to LF strip layout
Strip Singulation SAW or Punch

Modeling & Characterization


Plastic injection molding computer-aided engineering software

  • Plastic Flow Simulation.
  • Feed System Simulation.
  • Mold Cooling Simulation.
  • Shrinkage & Warpage Simulation.


Mechanical / Stress Simulation Software

  • Three dimensional.
  • Linear and non-linear analysis.
  • Die, package to board level analysis.
  • Stress induced in molding, curing and reflow process
  • Defect analysis: stress level.
  • deformation, delamination, etc.
  • Tool for product and development.

Ansoft HFSS/Q3D

Electrical Simulation Software

  • High frequency.
  • Frequency and time domain analysis.
  • Accurate and reliable.
  • R, L, C, G
  • SPICE Model.
  • S- Parameters.
  • Smith Chart.
  • Characteristic Impedance.
  • Power/Ground Analysis.

Mentor Flotherm

Thermal Simulation Software

  • Flow Simulation.
  • Package geometry construction.
  • Finite Element or Finite Volume. Meshing.
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) solving.
  • Post-processing and result analysis.